Bouldering In The Buttermilks - Near Bishop, CA.

New friends gave me a special intro to the bouldering life recently.  There truly is a strong and unique bond that forms when someone's "gotch yer back" in such a literal way.  The Buttermilks is known as one of the premier bouldering locations in the country.  Visually it's a perfect picture making location with enormous boulders rolled like dice on the valley floor with a long line of granite topped Sierra mountains behind them.

Ranching Life - Long Valley, Eastern Sierras,CA.

As part of my frequent detox from life in L.A., I enjoy taking in the traditions and ways that my Eastern Sierra rancher friends have been living for generations.  Here it's the springtime roundup to vaccinate and brand young calves.  You can really sense the strong community of neighbors and family who've all joined in to help out and support each other. 

Steaming at Wild Willy's - Near Mammoth Lakes, CA.

After snowboarding the day before, we had a chance to recharge and take some snaps at this nearby hot springs.  Wild Willy's is no longer the "locals only" secret spot it once was, but a special place nonetheless.  The earlier in the morning you get there the more you have it to yourselves...and the colder it is outside! 

A Day On The Water - Near Marina Del Rey, CA.

My friends Victoria & Rico live an envious life.  She's Russian and has an extensive background as a fashion producer.  He's German and the hugely popular DJ Rox.  They love the boating lifestyle and have combined it with her love of fashion to launch her blog  We had a perfect day on the water capturing her elegance and their vibe together.