Not your typical Japanese couple - Sugamo District, Tokyo, Japan

My friends Rachel & Nori have such an interesting back story.  She's Scottish and taught English in Japan before a seven year stint in the city at NHK Broadcasting.  He's a 6'4" local boy who's family has been in the Sugamo district of Tokyo for over 100 years.  After a five year diversion as a politico in Washington, D.C. his family was happy to see him settle down back home when he met Rachel.   Both are very forward thinking and community minded.  Together with his family they've created Ryozan Park a shared living/work concept for like minded Japanese and expats and as they put it "people share not only the living and/or work environment but also ideas, culture, language, and friendship".  Recently, they even expanded it to include a novel family share program where parents can work while they watch their children play with other children and adults nearby.  They truly are fully committed to the It Takes A Village concept!