Mooney’s Master Butchers – Belfast, Northern Ireland

Mooney's is a gem along Shankill Road, the main Protestant thoroughfare of working class Belfast, that is at the center of the political troubles. 

European butchers, grocers, and farmers I met found the "organic" labeling concept in the U.S. to be quite peculiar.  As several put it, "For us, it's always organic and locally grown" so no need to have all the hype and marketing about labeling.  


Duke of York –Belfast, Northern Ireland

On my first morning in Belfast I came upon this scene of men changing out the kegs at the Duke of York pub in the Cathedral District.  It happens just once a week…out with the old and in with the new.   I had a great exchange with the bartenders as they went about their work.  When I asked what beer sells the best...of course, Guinness.  But surprisingly Coors Light is a close second.  Is nothing sacred?